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Hearing Support Hastings - is not-for-profit and offers affordable products to assist and prevent hearing loss. 
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Our Products

Whether you need hearing protection or assistive devices we have you covered with:


  • Telephones for hearing loss

  • Personal Listening Devices

  • Hearing Aid Batteries

  • Hearing Protectors for adults, children & babies

  • "I have a hearing loss" badges

  • Multi-function (vibrating) Timers

  • Affordable Hearing Aid Batteries

  • A wide range of ear plugs 

Our range of ear plugs include:


  • Earplanes (adults & kids) - to relieve pressure and discomfort when flying

  • Bio Ears - silicone plugs for swimming & noise reduction

  • Cloud Soft foam ear plugs

  • Clear Ears - absorb water from ears after swimming, bathing, showering.

  • MirgraineX - fast natural migraine relief.

 Members of Hearing Support Hastings receive a discount on all products including $3 off Hearing Aid Batteries, a loyalty card giving them their 11th packet of batteries free and also the option of a 1 week trial on telephones or PLD's before purchase.  Become a member today >>